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Start your tour at the hotel. You will be transported to the farms where our fruits and  vegetables grow, our quail are raised to give us the eggs we use in some of our breakfast or lunch dishes.

We will first start with the yucca farm. Then we will show you how to extract the juice out of the sugar cane. You will do the work !

Then we will go to the other part of the farm where our bananas and plantains grow. You will discover a lot of the fruits and vegetables we use. We will show you our cocoa plantations as well. The way to make the chocolate. See our corn and how to make the tortillas.

You will taste some chocolate as well as some fresh empanadas made just for you by the wife of Juanca and discover their house and the way they live.

This tours is semi private. All proceeds are re-invested in the farm.

$35/Guest (2 guests minimum) - 2.5 hours

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