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Bahia Drake is located in the Osa peninsula. It is about 90 miles south of San Jose. 

By Car to Sierpe

You can rent a car in San Jose then drive to Sierpe. Leave your car in Sierpe at Don Jorge Restaurant and secure parking ($6/8 per night) and take the public boat to Bahia Drake. You will be dropped to our beach. There are two boats per day. 11.30 AM ($20/guest) and 3.30 PM ($25/guest). We strongly recommend to only use him as he has the best insurance and health safety rules. We will gladly make the reservation on your behalf, then the captain will wait for you and you will remit cash to him directly.

By car to Bahia Drake

You will need to rent the strongest 4x4 you can in order to drive up to our hotel as you will need to drive off road for about 1.5 hours and cruise about 5 rivers. We strongly encourage you to take the boat but if you want to drive you can still do it during the dry months December through April. Just know that most car rental company will not cover insurance for off road.

For this great drive, use the Rincon Road and not the Sierpe road as the road is very very bad that even us, locals, we dont adventure ourselves.

By commercial small plane

Via Sansa, there are two flights per day. We can make the reservation at the retail price for you and will go pick you up and drop you off at the local airport located about 10 minutes from the hotel

Only San Jose Santa Maria Airport has a flight to Drake. Anywhere else you are in the country will bring you to San Jose then fly you to Drake.

It is usually great to finish your Costa Rica trip by Bahia Drake, return to San Jose where you can spend a night if you have an early flight or fly directly home if your flight is later during the same day

By private plane

Via our partner, and we will arrange the flight for you. Plus we will have an escort waiting for you and your group at the exit of custom in San Jose.

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