At The Tranquilo Lodge, we carefully organize our tours to make sure you will get the best out of your visit.

We have the most licensed and insured boat captains in Bahía Drake and we only hire certified-bilingual guides who are passionate about their work.

Our shared tours are small groups mostly made of our hotel guests. Our private tours are very flexible.

Bahía Drake is very small, and Corcovado National Park, for example, only accepts 100 visitors per day. 

We strongly recommend for you to book your tour as early as possible.

All tours must be booked via the hotel.

Discover how chocolate is made, how yucca grows, see the farms producing a lot of the vegetables we use , how to choose plantains, and we will even make the sugar cane syrup for your next cocktail

Amazing tour to make you discover how locals live and enter their home

COST: $35 per guest

(Water and Snack Included)

Mountain Ride 

Enjoy 3 to 4 hours ride through the mountain jungle with an expert tico. Stop and swim in waterfall, meet wildlife, learn about native plants

COST: $65 per guest

Pick up by horse at the hotel

(Water and Snack Included)

Half Day or Full Day

In Shore or Off Shore

Starting Price

$550 per boat

You will start your day fishing on an intimate boat. We will arrive at the Violin Island where you will embark small canoes to discover the silence and amazing life of the largest Central America mangrove. Then a lunch with our tico family living on the Island, then tour of the compound, then nap on a gorgeous desert beach, then Macaw's nesting Island then back. ALL DAY

COST: 2 people $550 per tour - 6 hours

4 people $145 per guest

(Water and Snack Included)

Explore the fascinating nocturnal world of the rain forest. You and our knowledgeable guide, will look for any and all creatures that come out at night. This is an exciting tour to experience all of nature.

(snakes, frogs and morw)

COST: $55 per guest

(Water and Snack Included)



Hike a pristine coastal rain forest trail. Discover different landscape and pass through primary and old growth forest. You can swim in refreshing rivers during your hike. Encounter birds, monkeys, tapirs and much more. This hike is a great alternative to the Corcovado park

COST: $85 per guest

Lunch included







Corcovado National Park is a National Park on the Osa Peninsula in Osa Canton.

COST: $ 99 per guest

(Water and Snack Included)




Night boat comes and pick you up at the beach below the hotel where you will be escorted by one of our crew member. Embark on a quick journey to discover the luminescent plankton while snorkeling in the dark.

Start at $95 per guest if 2 guest, $75 if 4 guests


This is hands down one of the most beautiful ways to experience Costa Rica. Because of the island's corals and diversity of marine life,  Caño is considered one of the best dive areas in all of Costa Rica.

COST: $99 per guest

(Water and Snack Included)




Cano island is known as the best place to scuba dive in Costa Rica

2 tanks

COST: $150 per guest

(Water and Snack Included)


Take an exciting look at the Costa Rican rainforest from a different perspective. Ascend high into the jungle canopy to experience a birds-eye viewof therainforest from 13 platforms, through11 cables, and bridges.

COST: $70 per guest

(Water and Snack Included)


Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula, is one of the finest places in Costa Rica for whale watching and dolphin spotting. During August and September, humpback whales come to these warm, calm waters to give birth and nurse their young calves.

COST: $130 per guest

(Water and Snack Included)


Start your journey at the Hotel with our mountain bike pro. Depending on your physical condition bike releax or not for about one hour, then we hike and a preserve, then we swim and discover cascade, then you will be served a fantastic lunch, then more walk, then more bike. ALL DAY

COST: $150 per guest

(with the bike and a guide)

2 people minimum

Go explore jungle paths, pristine beaches, and secret part of Bahia Drake. Away from the tourists, a guide will be with you at all time to show you around, to make you discover wonderful natural waterfalls. You will swim in crystal clear water, maybe find some shrimps


Hotel to Hotel 2.5 Hours

COST: $140 per ATV